Best of Mykonos

Best of Mykonos

The holiday season for Greece tourism 2020, is almost on the horizon. Everyone is making plans but you are still unsure about the perfect destination. Well, sorry to bring you out from your endless-thinking zone; But why make plans for anywhere else when a visit to Greece is just a click away?

Greece – one of the most spectacular countries in the world, never falls short on providing unforgettable moments!

Blessed with natural beauty, this place is one of the most popular tourist destinations; As it has the perfect blend of exquisite scenery, amazing history, and rich tradition.

Mykonos is considered the most cosmopolitan spot in Greece. The island is famous for its amazing beaches, best cuisine, most tasty and fresh food, the vivid nightlife, and its gay-friendly attitude. Mykonos is the most popular Greek destination. Apart from the beaches and nightlife, visitors shall also find much interesting sightseeing in Mykonos. The quarter of Little Venice, the Windmills and the church of Paraportiani are the main things (except shopping) to see on your stroll around Mykonos Town. Do not also miss a boat excursion to the island of Delos, an uninhabited island that is an entire archaeological site today.

Mykonos Little Venice 
Little Venice is one of the most romantic places in Mykonos. This neighborhood is replete with elegant and gorgeous old houses that are situated precariously on the edge of the sea. Many discerning travelers in the past have fallen in love with this charming quarter to its magnetic appeal. Quite amazing are the sunset views from Little Venice. It’s whitewashed edifices against the backdrop of the azure blue Aegean Sea is simply marvellous. The air of nonchalance that prevails in Little Venice disarms the most discerning of travelers.

Little Venice evolved from the picturesque Alefkandra beach and extends right into the peripheral areas of Kastro, as it is popularly referred to. Visitors are highly recommended to stay in one of the quaint houses that dot the Mykonos shoreline for the sheer pleasure that they afford. You can sit down with a peg or two of your favorite tipple in the quintessential wooden stairways even as the surging waves crash underneath. A truly magical aura indeed.

The ethereal beauty of Little Venice is such that it has and still is a favorite haunt of highly acclaimed artists who have made this charming neighborhood of Mykonos their home. In fact, many artists have portrayed the magnetic beauty of Little Venice in their priceless artworks, etchings, and paintings thereby promoting the reputation of this esteemed neighborhood of Mykonos to the outside world. No wonder, Little Venice is today among the most photographed tourist neighborhood in Europe.

Little Venice is fully geared up to cater to the whims and fancies of the discerning international travelers. There are plenty of entertainment options ranging from pulsating clubs to well-stocked bars where party animals are known to jive well past midnight. Art galleries abound here and exhibitions of renowned artists are a regular feature too.

In the days of yore, many distinguished sailors had built their houses right on the picturesque shoreline. Many of these houses have today been converted into chic bars which are still very conspicuous by their old world charm. You can still sit down with your folks over endless pegs of your favorite liqueur and watch the solitary shipping vessel cruise by at the distant horizon creating a surreal impression.


Mykonos Windmills
The windmills are the quintessential features of Mykonos landscape. There are plenty of them that have become a part and parcel of Mykonos. Visitors to Mykonos can see the windmills irrespective of the locale. From a distance, one can easily figure out the windmills, courtesy of their silhouette. They are primarily concentrated in the neighbourhood of Chora and some are also located in and around Alefkandra. These innovative wheels were primarily used for crushing agricultural yields. In all, there were 16 such windmills in operation.

They are conspicuous by their snow-white colour, spherical shape with the customary pointed roof made of the finest variety of wood. In the good old days, they were wind operated as Mykonos is renowned for their gusty wind, which continues to blow even today. The Windmills of Chora and the ones at Ano Mera were a great boon to the people of those localities and they were primarily used for grinding the agricultural products that were meant to be transported to places outside Mykonos.

As of now, with the advent of modernity, the windmills are no longer operational. But they continue to be a symbol of Mykonos rich virile past. Being hundreds of years old, most of the windmills have been thoroughly renovated and some have even been converted into museums, the most famous being the Bonis Windmill.

Mykonos windmills are a living testimony of the island’s use of innovation when it came to tapping the enormous power of the wind to grind Mykonos agricultural produces.

One of the hottest tables in Mykonos is undoubtedly in Nammos Restaurant, a beachside establishment on one of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos Island. With its seaside location on Psarou beach, it’s formal dining lounge of five-star elegance, its tables on the sand beach club and terraced sunset views, Nammos is a draw for the celebrities and glitterati of the Mykonos scene. 

Able to accommodate any mood, Nammos has something for every kind of visitor to Mykonos. The terraced bar is lively and sparkling with the excitement of the Mykonos celebrity scene. The café is informal relaxation by the seaside, with elegant light fare and customized cocktails. The restaurant is formal elegance and haute cuisine while the beach club is fun and frolicking with full service.

Since it is a place you can stay at all day, why not start in the morning when the buff and bronzed serving staff begin to lay out the chaise lounges under the bamboo umbrella shades. A cool drink and a light snack make the sun tanning more enjoyable and a frolic in the cool Aegean waters refreshes the appetite. Since you’re in Mykonos, why not indulge? Champagne on ice in a silver bucket, with prawn sandwiches and sushi, will get you in the right frame of mind for the Nammos experience.

The lively bar scene is likely to be alive with paparazzi following every movement of the soccer stars and shipping magnates, and the classic décor and elegant service will have you feeling like a star yourself. Customized cocktails only add to the effect. After sunset, retire to the restaurant for dinner at Nammos. The surrounding cliffsides are illuminated and the sky is alive with stars, while the lounge and dining area sparkle with stars of a different kind.

The cuisine is a mix of ultra-modern fusions, Italian, Greek and Arabic themed dishes. The pasta and risottos feature non-traditional ingredients such as truffles and caviar, as well as unexpected flourishes such as capers. A smoked salmon and caviar salad is an experience not to be missed, especially if accompanied by champagne. The freshly caught fish are arrayed for selection on the ice and grilled to perfection, as are the giant rib-eye steaks. The piece de resistance, the item that best sums up the Nammos experience though is the bowl of creamy chocolate and vanilla mousse that is de rigueur for dessert. A sinfully decadent and delicious concoction, it is the perfect cap to a day of Mykonos luxury.

Nammos Restaurant is the epitome of Mykonos, drawing the decadent and starry-eyed in search of opulent luxury and reveling in the glory of nature and the nearness of celebrity. Whether a full day, a stop in the café or a night in the lounge, Nammos is always an experience.

It is the most vivid and outstanding place on the island of Mykonos. Thousands of people are visiting Scorpios not only for its unique location, but for the amazing food and the most famous Mykonos sunset parties.

The vibes here are just unreal. As you walk in, women dressed in floaty boho outfits greet you, and everyone looks like they are at a festival. Definitely don’t go here dressed down! On one side there is a small beach with sun lounger. On the other side of Scorpios Mykonos are plenty of places to sit and dance, with the most incredible sunset views. The service here is also incredible and the drinks are great too.

There are several different areas for reservation where you will be able to enjoy your party to the fullest by personalizing your experience for you and your friends.

Reservations can be made for Scorpios Beach & Sunbeds, Scorpios Sunset Area (with the most incredible sunset view), Scorpios Restaurant for lunch or dinner and Scorpios VIP Party area. 

If you are looking to maximize your Scorpios experience, then you will have to reserve a party table and dinner table thought Alpha Mykonos Concierge.

The simplicity prevails in this place, which is more than just another restaurant in Mykonos. Spilia Seaside Restaurant, in Agia Anna Kalafati, operates in a real natural cave, making your visit an one of a kind experience. The scenery is natural and the staff is always polite and willing to serve you. 

At the same time, Spilia is a culinary treasure that will entice all your senses. The restaurant’s trademark is the fresh raw urchins that “land” on your plate directly from the sea. The fresh seafood also stands out, as they are served in very memorable dishes.

The Solymar is a beautiful all-day beachfront restaurant. Is located in Kalo Livadi one of the most popular and beautiful beaches of Mykonos. Sol Y Mar, which means the “sun and sea” in Spanish, is hugely popular with holidaymakers and it is a great option for a very late lunch or dinner. 

During the day, the restaurant rolls out a beach service on the beachfront, where guests can relax with a drink on comfortable wooden chairs with a coat of bright water-proof paint.

There is a charming beach bar next to the restaurant which serves refreshing fruit juice, mojitos, tasty finger food, sandwiches and strawberry daiquiris under the shade of big trees. The restaurant is an equally charming place with large tables set under an exotic gazebo.

The cuisine is the typical Mediterranean with great emphasis on fresh and local produce. Pure olive oil, fresh herbs and vegetables, as well as fresh seafood right out of the day’s catch gives an authentic Mediterranean touch to the dishes. Fresh BBQ fish is one of their specialties. Here you can find great Sushi as well.

But after sunset the mood at Solymar changes. The atmosphere becomes charged as the DJ spins out some exciting numbers. There is plenty of dancing and revelry in true Mykonian style and the fun continues till the small hours. There is a bar on the premises and the restaurant is ideal for couples and small groups.

Kalua Bar is located in Paraga, one of the most popular beaches in Mykonos originally made famous by the hippie generation in the 1970s. Popular among the young and fashionable crowds, the beach is set in a picturesque landscape with beach bars, such as the Kalua, throbbing with lively music which helps to create a party atmosphere not only for its daily visitors but also for the holidaymakers who choose to stay in the hotels and camping facilities close by. 

Kalua is a charming restaurant by day, serving up tasty local dishes at a reasonable price. Come evening, the DJ strikes the scene and the music and dancing begin and even by midnight, the party scene goes strong.

The restaurant-bar boasts a nice decoration and offers a wide selection of drinks, exotic cocktails and international dishes. Small groups can organize beach parties which they do till late in the evening. The restaurant-bar is popular among both locals and tourists for its tasty meals and fun atmosphere.

Jackie O’ is the latest gay bar to hit the Mykonos bar scene. In fact, it is the first gay club in this area, and although gay-friendly, the place is also a favorite haunt of many straight couples. Located at the far west side of the old harbor in Town, the bar boasts a chic interior and it is a perfect spot for drinks at sunset. 

The action at Jackie O’ starts from late afternoon and the scene gets pretty lively around sunset with people strolling in to order their favorite cocktail or champagne and relax on the seaside while enjoying some lounge music. As the bar faces north, some days can get quite windy, but on days when the wind is not strong, people usually prefer to sit on the deck chairs by the waterfront and watch the cruise boats departing for Delos.

The highlight at Jackie O’ is the famous drag queen shows that are performed on all nights through the summer season. These live shows feature men who dress as a female with exaggerated makeup and entertain the guests with songs, skits or monologues. 

The Hippie Fish is an upmarket restaurant located on the beach of Agios Ioannis, one of the finest beaches on the island with spectacular views of Delos. The unique blend of Cycladic architecture and modern decoration has created a classic ambiance for a superior dining experience. This is the restaurant where the movie Shirley Valentine was filmed in 1989. 

The Hippie Fish Restaurant offers a diverse menu that includes the authentic Mediterranean and Greek cuisines and the dishes are made from fresh ingredients that ensure that traditional dishes retain the same taste they are supposed to possess. The restaurant is open from May to October, Monday through Sunday, for lunch, dinner and late-night meals.

The Hippie Fish also hosts coffee and drinks, launches, wedding receptions and other private events. So, if there is a birthday bash or a graduation party, the restaurant can take care of all the details if given prior notice. The restaurant has the capacity to seat 100 guests or 300 standing guests, and there is also a small private mezzanine which can hold about 50 guests. The menu for private events is varied with a wide choice of hors-d’oeuvres, multi-course meals and family style dining.

 The noise level is chatty but pleasant enough. The place is also wheelchair accessible.

Located steps away from the beautiful center of Chora, Queen of Mykonos is an ideal setting for enjoying the vibrant local scene while sipping on your favorite cocktail and snacking on delicious appetizers.

Queen is a champagne and cocktail bar, a great meeting point to mingle and sip exotic handcrafted cocktails while soaking in the cosmopolitan island vibes. As nightfall comes, one may indulge in mouth-watering cocktails at the bar, with endless fun guaranteed until the early morning hours. Let your memorable Mykonos experience begin at this inimitable city centered bar!

Looking to party the night away? Mykonos island is one such destination that plays host to a number of parties throughout the year. Located on the much-visited Matoyianni Street in Mykonos, Astra bar is the hangout for the stylish and the classy! Designed in 1986 by jeweller Minas, a famous artist, 

Astra opened its doors in July 1987. It is a small building, neighbors a church and is centrally located in the town. Astra has been visited by all and is the kind of place in which one might get to rub shoulders with a supermodel or even a rock star! Live music plays inside where varieties of DJs, mostly from Athens, take over and continue the parties into the wee hours of the morning. The bar is a good mix between a nightclub and a casual lounge. It plays the role of a lazy lounge in the early evenings and turns into a hip club later into the night.

The interiors are elegantly done and lets one enjoy his own space. The ceiling too, is one of a kind and resembles the celestial dome of an observatory. The bar also has an open space where one can go take a break or for some conversation. The bar is owned by Babis Pasaoglou. He is usually seen on the entrance balcony welcoming his guests, and is a music lover himself. One can realize that if he steps into the club late at night, where you will witness music which is hard to find in most places.

It is not as big as most modern nightclubs but definitely serves the purpose of one. The bar offers the most exotic cocktails and has a great selection of drinks. The staff is friendly and will make sure that you are taken care of. One should be there early if looking for a table, as the place gets very crowded later into the night. The Astra bar is an exclusive joint and has a lot of history attached to it. It has a retro feel to it and at the same time is a contemporary nightclub. It attracts people from all walks of life and is the place to visit if one’s looking to socialize and be seen. So, if you are visiting Mykonos and want to be a party in true international style, one should pay a visit to the Astra bar!

Transmitting its electric beams to the whole island and beyond, Super Paradise Beach is the most bohemian beach on the island, spotted a few kilometers south-east of Mykonos town. A majestic beachfront of fine golden sand, featuring sun-loungers and umbrellas, and stunning cerulean waters, wait for you to spend your days relaxing in reverie, fondled by the sun, embraced by the sea. 

Presenting its visitors with an amazing array of services, from places to enjoy mouthwatering delights, like the à la carte Mediterranean restaurant, as well as the “Divine Sea & More” restaurant by the sea, to the water-sports area, where you will have some extra fun under the sun, and the small dock that’s perfect for practicing your impressive water jumps! As if those wasn’t enough, there are also Hookah-Shisha services for those who want to be stimulated by the rich aromas of the orient, a massage spot for some old-time classic relaxing time, and a beach boutique to always be in style, wearing chic colorful summer fashion items.

Morning hours are usually the calmest moments of the day at Super Paradise Beach, spent swimming and sunbathing, relishing some refreshing drinks and delectable snacks at the bar, but the party picks up early in the afternoon, going full throttle by late afternoon, sweeping all the Super Paradise Beach Club revelers off their feet. Let the bartender prepare your “poison” and surrender to the beats of the DJ, dancing till late at night. There is plenty of space and time to enjoy much more than the sun and the sea at Super Paradise Beach!

The Tropicana beach bar and restaurant, located on Paradise beach, Mykonos island is one of the most popular beach bars of Mykonos Island. Beautiful surroundings, exotic cocktails and sumptuous meals make this one of the most sought-after destinations for party-goers from around the globe. 

Paradise beach is brimming with energy as there are a number of entertainment destinations and is well known for its early evening beach parties. Talking of ratings, Tropicana has been rated as the second most popular bar in the world by Travel channel website. The bar offers a wide range of juices, cocktails and other refreshing drinks. It plays host to a number of parties and attracts a large number of people. The parties here start early in the evening and continue late into the night. They have an in-house DJ to make sure that their guests are having a good time.

Tropicana bar also has many umbrellas, deck chairs and other facilities for people to come and unwind. With the beautiful Aegean Sea at its doorstep, there are a number of seaside events which keeps one busy throughout the day.

The restaurant offers a variety of dishes and specializes in Greek and Italian dishes, including a variety of fresh salads, grilled meats, pizzas, pasta, souvlaki and gyros. The restaurant is well covered with Pergolas which offers shade to its guests who spend a large part of the day in the sea or sunbathing. It opens early in the morning and offers a full breakfast, meals, and snacks and drinks all throughout the day. Self-service is optional, allowing one to have a look and make a choice on the spot.

To summarize, Tropicana beach bar and restaurant look promising as it has something to offer to everyone. It has been recommended by leading travel guides and is a good option for people looking for that “complete” seaside experience!

Cavo Paradiso on Paradise beach is one of the hottest party destinations, not just on the Greek island, but around the world. It hosts the best of parties on the island and is a clubber’s paradise! Located beautifully on top of a hill, the club owners were once apprehensive of building it at its current site. 

A lot of people were against going ahead with the project as they felt that in a place like Mykonos, with a number of bars, no one would leave the town to visit a club on top of a hill. However, the owners went ahead and built this stunning club. The rest, as they say, is history! True, getting here is a bit of a task but it is the very location that has worked to its advantage. The beautiful view of the cliffs and the ocean ahead is truly spectacular.

The club has a modest entrance and looks nothing more than a dry stone building from the front. But when you enter the club it surprises you as it really has a lot to offer. The interiors are brilliantly done and one must compliment the one who conceptualized the whole design. The club is simply magnificent-a huge dance floor, different seating areas, podiums and the grand attraction-A full sized swimming pool, shaped in the form of Mykonos Island! Cavo Paradiso is wonderfully designed and is undoubtedly the largest club in Mykonos, with a capacity of over 3000! The music at the club is truly world-class with international DJs visiting the club frequently. A number of international artists have played here over the years-Carl Cox, Eric Morillo, Benny Benassi, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, to name a few.

The parties here start late at night and continue till after sunrise. It is suggested that one should spend as much time in the beach bars before heading here. However, if you want to come in early, they usually have offers such as free entry and a drink for such people. You can get the details while you re on the beach as they advertise heavily and their posters are hard to miss! Needless to say, the bar offers a wide variety of Cocktails and other refreshing drinks. Drinks, however, are pretty expensive as well as the entry fee! There is also a big canteen right outside the club for one to take a break and grab a bite.

Taxis are easily available and there is also a big parking area in front of the club. Cavo Paradiso has been recommended by leading travel magazines and websites and should be high up on your priority list when visiting Mykonos Island. If you’re a die-hard clubber and are looking for an international clubbing experience, Cavo Paradiso should be your destination!

Moni is as a modern, international, cosmopolitan hotspot. The club was founded by a diverse group of people from all over the world, who have been coming to the island every summer for over 25 years. With international DJs, VIP catering and master mixologists, a night at Moni is promised to be an unforgettable one.

The club’s name was inspired by the neighboring church, Agia Moni, which stands alone, making it unique among over 700 churches in Mykonos. It is located in the old port of the island on Agia Moni square – right the middle of the ancient, fortified entrance. Moni also adopts the island’s famous architecture with thick stone white-washed walls, making it a tribute to Mykonos’ cultural identity.

Void’s imposing double height space is the biggest discotheque space permitted inside the city of Mykonos. While still holding on to Mykonian minimal design roots, they have created a venue that brings together both past and future design languages.

The club’s “Gallery section”, housed above the main room with its own bar and VIP tables, offers the perfect location for any event and is available for private hire. With a full range of food and drink options, available night and day 7 days a week, The Gallery is perfect for any occasion. Void’s mixologists serve up an array of delectable creations and each of the perfectly balanced cocktails provides a feast for the eyes.

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Best of Mykonos

Best of Mykonos

The holiday season for Greece tourism 2020, is almost on the horizon. Everyone is making plans but you are still unsure about the perfect destination. Well, sorry