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Let’s face it, by definition Mykonos has everything you need.. a jet-set, wild destination, with the most bespoke nightlife, a 24/7 vibrant island offering endless activities. Enjoy the most appropriate of all traditions to the island of Mykonos, with the best it has to offer in spiced up nightlife and private events. Indulge in your final dinner as a single man/woman in a top restaurant of your choice, take your party to the streets, bar hop, and let the world know you’re The Party!

Special treatments for this unforgettable night? Piece of cake for Alpha Mykonos concierge, everything from accommodation, transportation, photography and night out arrangements to uniquely decorated beach parties; anything is possible when we are talking about arguably the “wildest” nights of your lives!

Simply ask for it and we will make the necessary arrangements. Which means,  the lucky groom/bride is about to enjoy the happiest day of his/her life! Luckily for the wolfpack, there are plenty of things to do in Mykonos before you get married, so let us know what you have in mind and just relax in style in your hotel or your private villa by the pool. It can be arranged for a group of up to 12 people.
And remember, what happens in Mykonos, stays in Mykonos!

Surely the best way to explore this amazing cosmopolitan island is to hire your own private chauffeur! With your personal concierge, VIP Access to Nightclubs like @Cavo Paradiso and not only becomes a very easy procedure! Just wear your best mood and walk right in without waiting in line! You will have your own private table in one of the VIP lounges. 

Experience a true VIP status wherever you go and enjoy your night to the maximum. Bottles of drinks of your preference, including all mixers, brought to you at your table in the VIP lounge.

A personal host will be assigned to your group. He/she will attend to all your needs, making sure everything goes even better than planned.

Here at Alpha Mykonos Concierge, we have cars to suit all tastes, giving you a stag or hen party to remember! To make sure that the day is as fun-filled and action-packed as possible, Alpha Mykonos Chauffeurs offer the latest luxury vehicles on the market, including Mercedes Benz V-class, Viano, S-class, Range Rover and many more.

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